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HOSPICES WITHOUT DELTA have significantly higher drug costs and limited pharmacy dispensing options. They are often overwhelmed by multiple pharmacy bills at the end of the month. Each drug on those bills may also reflect drastically different costs depending on which pharmacy it came from.

UNLIKE THE MAJORITY of our industry competitors, Delta operates a TRULY transparent and pass-through model that allows hospices, and all stakeholders in the medication procurement process, to see where every single medication dollar is going. We call this unique billing model HO$PICE TAPER.

02 one invoice

WITH DELTA managing your pharmacy needs, your hospice can now buy medications at substantially reduced rates at essentially any pharmacy in the country via our robust PBM network. Alternatively, you may elect to have all OR only part of your medications delivered via mail/courier. Choose one or both!

You will always receive just ONE all-inclusive invoice from Delta and manage your account from ONE single login - even when your medications come from a variety of pharmacies. Your drug pricing, formulary flexibility, and access to REAL transparency will be the same regardless of whether you use Delta's PBM network OR mail order.

03 reporting

DELTALYTICS is our web-based, proprietary, advanced, and comprehensive reports generator. Coupled with the REAL business transparency and pass-through business models that we promote, the use of this powerful suite will allow your organization to understand where all of your medication dollars are going, identify trends in utilization, make use of industry benchmarking, and even enhance quality initiatives.

04 odps

DELTA'S TEAM of experienced clinical pharmacists work 24/7/365 as an extension of your hospice team when it comes to clinical/financial decision making and CoPs compliance. They also help your team in understanding the Deltalytics reporting described to the left. Ultimately, your hospice saves a great deal of money and enhances patient outcomes from this interdisciplinary, multifaceted approach.

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